Conference Format

CLARe6 will take place in hybrid mode. The onsite conference will take place in the Alta Aula at the University of Tübingen, and the online conference will be hosted in Gather Town. Gather Town is a online video-conferencing platform that simulates the onsite environment in two-dimensional eight-bit graphics. You pick an avatar for yourself to move around the environment. If you move up to another person and stand close to them, a video call starts automatically and you will be able to see and talk to them once they share their audio/video.

All registered participants will receive a link to the CLARe6 online conference environment. We encourage onsite participants to also connect to Gather Town to allow real-time interaction between the onsite and online particpants.

See the following links for a minimap of the online conference environment and instructions on Gather Town's basic functionalities.


All presentations will be simultaneously streamed in the Gather Town lecture hall. The presenter(s) will stand at the podium at the front of the room. Standing at this podium allows all the conference participants to see and hear the presenter.

The presenter will present their slides by sharing their screen. Please share the application window that contains your presentation, and do not share the whole screen.

The online participants will be seated in the seating area. The seats are arranged in groups of four. These four seats are a "private space". This means that the participants sitting together in a group can speak to and see each other if they have their cameras and microphones on, but the presenter and other participants will not hear them.

In case the presenter or participants need to make use of a whiteboard to visualise discussion, a whiteboard is available in the room.

Presentation time is 15 minutes. After the presentation, 5 minutes are allotted for questions and discussion and for speaker transitions.

To ask your questions after the presentation, online participants go to the podium on the right hand side of the room. This podium makes your microphone audible to the speaker and all conference participants, online and onsite.

Tiles next to the wall behind the podium which appear in a darker shade are reserved for participants to form a line behind the podium for questions.

The session moderator will alternate between onsite and online questions.


Posters will be simultaneously presented online and in the Gather Town poster hall. Each poster has its own area (a "private space"), with spaces (colored circles) for the presenter and up to 35 online attendees listening and interacting with the presenter.

As you approach the poster area of a particular poster, a thumbnail of the poster will appear. A message will appear: "Click x to interact".

In order to hear and interact with the presenter, you need to enter the poster area by moving onto one of the coloured circles. If you are outside this area, you and the presenter will not be able to see or hear each other.

To help the presenter and participants follow each other when moving around different parts of the poster, there is a "pointer"" object, which brings up a red circle at the location of the cursor click.

To activate the pointer, click on the presenter screen icon, which appears on the right of the screen once interacting with the poster is enabled. (Interacting with the poster is enabled by clicking x when near the poster).

Sometimes in a discussion, it is helpful to write or draw your ideas to visualise your discussion. Therefore, a online whiteboard is available in the poster hall, in the top right corner of the hall. Presenters or other participants can use the whiteboard by walking over to it and pressing x to interact with it.